Responsibility Makes Us Stronger!
By Angel Femia

It is our responsibility to learn to know ourselves in order to harness and discipline both our positive and negative natures. Humans are designed with both positive and negative personalities. We are all capable of great good as well as great destruction. If you look honestly within your-self we, {we must be painfully honest when doing this} will see this fact and we are all the same in that aspect.

There are no exceptions, even though all of us have gone through periods in our lives believing and living within our illusions of it being different then how our Creator actually made us.

Desiring and alluding ourselves into believing we truly are different, {all or almost all good, or all or almost all bad} is what causes us to believe that we do not have to take true responsibility for ourselves, {how we think, speak to ourselves and others and what we do or don’t do} and thus we enable ourselves to fling the blame onto anything or anyone that it can be flung upon.

Along with this blame we through any responsibility out the door as well and do not even see our mistakes, let alone correct them. This brings me to ask the “What are we truly learning from our lives, if we are not realizing and learning from our mistakes?”

We will not be able to ignore either part of ourselves without continually forcing our bodies to become ill physically and emotionally with many forms of illnesses.
This issue, our medical profession is just beginning to really look closely at for answers to why so many humans are suffering with so many illnesses.

I believe that we are responsible for all we do, think and say on this earth during our life. Mistakes are only mistakes if we not aware that what we are doing is causing harm to ourselves, or others and do not understand our actions are harmful.
The moment we see the harm we are creating and the effects this has on others or the world we are responsible to see clearly my mistakes, fix what we able and change our thinking, wording and actions to do less or no harm to ourselves or others.

Emotional Manipulation!
By Angel Femia
Of LoveCry

Your home is quiet and peaceful. It has been this way for some time. All inhabitants get along relevantly well until a visitor comes to call. This person likes your home, the feelings of warmth and caring makes this person feel accepted and strong. The first visit was normal in length and very positive. The second is longer and in a while they are visiting almost all the time until they almost become a permanent part. Suddenly, out of no-where bickering begins, but only within the people ling within this home. The inhabitants begin to complain to each other regarding the silliest things. This arguing continues and become more frequent. These little spats begin to erupt more and more frequent. Each of the residences of the home begin to feel anger towards this visitor but takes these unplaced feelings on each other within the home. The visitor just watches and enjoys the show, feeling stronger, more confident and more a part of your home then their own.

Many people have gone through experiences such as this and never truly saw the problem. I’ve seen marriages brake up, friendships end and children leave home earlier then they would have given this particular visitor had not come to call. Over and over homes brake up and shatter due to humans not accepting, owing and showing their true feelings.

I understand, we have emotions and have been taught to hide them from others. This masquerade helps us to distance ourselves from others in order to prevent us from being emotionally hurt by another. On the other hand hiding ones emotions from others causes great difficulties. Those un-owned emotions are still lingering in the atmosphere. These floating, emotions enter into another person’s body and their mood suddenly changes without reason. As these emotions are literally invading this other person’s body, without permission or knowledge of this happening, the receiver of these emotions is totally caught off guard, completely believe they are our own feelings and defences erupt, thus arguing and bickering begin.

Of course it is bad manners to point the finger at a visitor who seems to look as though they are calm and cool, we tend to take this problem out on more familiar people around us and the home is then at war. A war that would not have happened if this visitor had not come to call.

This past few years much has been written about the emotional manipulation we humans have been doing to each other for decades. Physiologists and Spiritual teachers have been exploring and revealing head games, telepathy and the effects of these games on each other for quiet some time now. This is one area I worked a very long time to understand and put a stop to within myself. I have had far too many relationships fall to ruin due to head game s and surprised emotions from outsiders I had trusted.

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