We Ask For Changes

We Ask for The Changes Needed To Heal

Leading Forms of Abuse within our families and communities are:
1. Sexual Abuse
2. Physical Abuse
3. Psychic Abuse {mind control, emotional control}
4. Emotional Abuse
5. Verbal Abuse
6. Ritual Abuse

Abuse causes such emotional illnesses as:
1. Self Hatred: {complete loss of oneself, loss of mental balance, self esteem, self-confidence, replaced with a deep self loathing}
2. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
3. Attention Deficit. Disorder,
4. Attention Deficit. Hyper-Active Disorder,
5. Many forms of Learning Disorders
6. Chronic Depression,
7. Manic Depression
8. BiPolar Disorder
9. Kleptomania
10. Anger and Rage Control Problems
11. Lust Addictions of many forms {nymphomania, and almost all addictions stem from this base}
12. Psychosomatic illnesses of many forms.
And more!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We at LoveCry, have asked that Our Health Minister consider changes in our Mental Health Structure to include Therapies and Treatments for all, especially any and all abuse victims and survivors.

At LoveCry we have more then proven that these Therapies work very well. We have had along with myself many very good, Certified Holistic Therapists, Natural and Spiritual Healers work with our kids and out of over 500 Street Kids {in a time span of four years} only eight are not yet on their feet. The Street Kids as well, regularly consulted with their General Practitioners, and other Social Agencies during this time.

I’d say that is good odds that therapy works. But we do need many hands and mouths more to get this help out to all people everywhere. The Doctors at The Clark Institute are booked up in their Anger Management for months and this seems to be true in all well known, Therapy Clinics within our Health Care System. We need help to get existing Therapists covered under the Health Care system and put to work on this devastatingly fast growing problem within our homes, communities and lives. As well we need this help to be brought to our Homeless communities and under-privileged communities as soon as possible.

My son was charged with a domestic violence charge a few weeks ago. Like so many domestic abusers these days, our courts are ordering the perpetrators to attend regular therapy and Anger Management sessions. This is one of the best ideas our court system has come up with yet but we have a huge problem with it. My son called many different clinics trying to get proper help, including The Clark Institute. He, like many others were informed that the waiting list was three months or more. I have had calls from clients living in other towns and cities asking for these therapies covered under our Medical Care System and all are booked and the waiting lists are horridly long.

If someone was to try to get this help and pay for it from their own pocket it would be very hard. Many of these Therapies cost anywhere from $100.00 per hour to as much and sometimes more then $300.00 per hour. These are prices with work being done by Certified Therapists whom are not General Practitioners. With a Doctorate, the Therapy would be even more expensive. Most Therapists are not included under our Health Care system unless treatment is done by a General Practitioner, certified in these Therapies as well as their Medical Degree.

There is absolutely no need for a therapist to need a General Practitioners degree to do their job. It would take a great deal of time, money and studying for all of us Certified Therapists to become doctors therefore we are asking our Health Minister, to make the changes necessary to get this problem solved.

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