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Cleanse Your Life, Part I

Detoxification refers to aiding the body in cleansing itself- an area where I have much positive personal and professional experience.
Detoxification can be very easy and simple, and has very desirable effects; it can make you look and feel younger, reduce cellulite (1), bodyfat (2, 3), and can help eliminate or greatly improve many different health problems (1, 2, 4, 5).

When people cleanse, they tend to have clearer skin, clearer eyes, better digestion, less gas, and sweeter breath.

An early client of mine, John Hadzi, who went on to become an excellent nutritionist and trainer, had psoriasis severe enough to cause bleeding and much pain. This fellow used to bleed from his psoriatic hands and nails. Many days he could not lift his beloved weights, due to flare- ups. His sleep was often diturbed by intolerable pain from his extensive skin lesions. A series of cleansing fasts and a low allergen rotation diet improved his condition 100%, which many would call a cure. His skin shows no sign of damage; it is smooth and soft. His strength in the gym is far beyond what it ever was before his detoxification.

In the research, fasting is proven as an excellent detoxification aid for human concerns as diverse as PCB poisoning (4), and arthritis (5).
Dr Max Gerson, of Germany and Rudolf Breuss, of Austria, cured thousands of people of cancer with juice fasting. The German authorities harassed Dr. Gerson to the point of him leaving, for America, the land of the free. The American medical (political) authorities, unfortunately for the doctor were also not tolerant of natural, unpatented cures. Then, and to a large degree now, only drug and surgical (patented, expensive) enjoy legal turf protection in medicine. Austrian authorities took Breuss to court, and lost after much support, from the many people that had been cured, and from intervention by the president of Austria. Both men perfected detoxification with juice fasting, and helped many people with “terminal’, or “untreatable” cancer, to heal.

Rene Caisse was a Canadian nurse who helped people with cancer with a herbal combination taught to her by First Nations people. She worked with people regardless of their ability to pay, but was shut down by our health authorities, who were protecting the medical monopoly. Unfortunately, consumers need to keep fighting for their rights, to act as if they live in a free country, and choose their therapies freely. An excellent amino acid and vitamin trial for depression and other mental maladies, performed by wholistic minded health professionals, was shut down, about two years ago, in the Canadian prairies, by the RCMP (!), even though no one was ever harmed, and no citizen complaints were ever made.

Do It Yourself Detox

Our bodies are continuously detoxifying, but tend to fall behind; we tend to accumulate more and more toxins as we age. Many (or most) children in our modern world have already accumulated unacceptably large amounts of toxins. The good news is that we can powerfully speed up our detoxification processes, ourselves.

There are many paths to choose from in aiding detoxification, with some rules that apply to all.
1. The less you eat, the more you detoxify.
2. Water is a major detox aid
3. Antioxidants support and speed up detoxification.
4. Everyone benfits from detox.
5. You can ‘start small’, and still benefit.
6. There is no minimum detox time, although too long a time on a fast can be negative.
Fasts and modified fasts are very effective and safe, when done properly.
Raw fruit and vegetable ‘fasting’, while not true fasting, is exceedingly safe, and quite effective. It is done by eating only raw fruit and vegetables, with only water. One entire day is the minimum, and 2 weeks is probably the longest that I would recommend, for a ‘raw’ fast.
Water fasting is more dangerous, since toxins lodged in our tissues can spike the bloodstream too quickly for our organs to eliminate them, causing a real toxicity problem. For people who want to cleanse deeply, I recommend starting with a few runs on the raw fast, before they attempt anything longer than a 1 day water fast.

Personally, I do a raw fast for 1-2 days per week, and find that it is good maintenance, helping to keep me feeling youthful, with good digestion, and excellent leanness. I have never noticed a loss of muscle from fasting, as long as I eat well on my non fasting days. In fact, the heaviest and most muscular I ever was, was during a time of regular 2 day per week strict fruit/ veg fasting.

My experience with being lean and maintaining my muscle mass with fasting is well supported by a study that had a group of people water fasting every other day for 22 days (poor guys!). Even on such a prolonged fasting set up, most of their weight loss was of body fat; they kept most of their muscle (3).

When fasting, do consume some unrefined sea salt, such as Celtic sea salt, or le Paludier unrefined sea salt- about a gram or two per day- more of you are drinking very large amounts of water. A bit of salt helps keep sodium/potassium levels balanced, when we are not eating any cooked foods or protein foods.

Detoxifying Herbs and Vegetables

There are many excellent herbs and herbal products which enhance our detoxification. They may be used wile we keep eating our regular diet, but work much better if we are eating a vegan diet, and work the best if we are raw fasting when we use them.
My favourites are;

Liver Cleansing
Yellow Dock
Dandelion Root

Kidney Cleansing
Dandelion Leaves

Blood Cleansing
Red Clover
Burdock Root

Colon Cleansing
Herbal Fibre; Albi brand is the best I have ever come across
‘Colonics’ or colonic irrigation is helpful for some. My experience and that of clients is that taking a good fibre, like the Albi product, while one fasts, is as good or better than getting colonic treatments.

So, start small- try an entire day on only raw fruits and vegetables; eat as many as you desire, and drink plenty of clean water. Yes, you will be hungry, and maybe even cranky, but you will be doing what many, many health professionals consider to be the most important work of all- detoxifying your body!

This article written by Anthony DiPasquale, a wholistic Nutritionist, with a private practice in Toronto, at the Inspired Life Health Centre. Anthony also works with the Yorkville Club, Continuum Centre, and with LoveCry.
He can be reached at or 416.680.3533

John Hadzi is an accomplished strength athlete, trainer, and nutritionist. He can be reached at 416.816.1720.

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Cleanse your Life, Part II

Fasting, modified raw fasting, and herbal aids are excellent detoxification aids, written about in my last article. If you would like another copy it, feel free to email me at the address below for a copy.

Heavy Metal Detox

Heavy metals are long known to be toxic; from the lunacy- like symptoms of mercury toxicity, to the slow lead poisoning suffered by the Romans, some of whom drank from ‘leadenware’. Heavy metals in humans slow mental development (1, 2), hamper fertility (3) and sexual development, and contribute to immune dysfunction, and nutrient deficiencies.
They are also positively associated with neurological symptoms, like ADD, learning disorders, delayed development and lower IQ’s, depression, anxiety, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and systemic symptoms, like bone, kidney, and liver, and heart disease. They tend to be tenacious; they stick around in the body, and tend to leave very, very slowly (if at all).

Fortunately, you can eliminate them fairly quickly, with the right specific detox methods.

Many minerals which are not technically heavy metals are toxic, like aluminum, inorganic chromium, and radioactive isotopes of iodine, strontium, and others. Metals which are essential nutrients are toxic in excess quantities, like copper, iron, manganese, and selenium. To help our body eliminate heavy metals and toxic metals, substitution with essential minerals helps, as does supplementing key antioxidants. There are also very effective ‘superfoods’, which are remarkably effective, as well, and some well proven targeted supplements that I often recommend.

How can you tell?

Hair mineral analysis is one good, but not fool-proof method. Blood testing may catch some heavy metal toxicity, but is not very sensitive, and quite limited; most toxic minerals just are not tested for. Anyone with metal in their mouth can assume they have excess mercury and other metals to get rid of (getting rid of the fillings by a toxicity-aware dentist is a great idea). Smoking cigarettes (and second hand smoke) provides a rich source of metals like radioactive cesium- just ask an experienced hair mineral tester.

The detoxification methods mentioned here are all healthy and safe, so may be followed by anyone who even suspects excess toxic metals, with no harm. Our environment, unfortunately, has much higher levels of almost all conceivable toxic metals, due to our world- wide careless industrial activities. Manufacturing, power generation, waste disposal, the battery industry, medical industry, and electronic industry, burning contaminated coal and other fossil fuels, and garbage dumping and incineration are just a few of our heavy metal-dirty activities.
Heavy metals are in our air, water, and soil, as well as our food.


One aspect of heavy metal toxicity can be used to help detoxify them. Heavy metals poison us partly because they substitute for essential metals (or minerals, as they’re more often called). Toxic levels of lead displace calcium from the nervous system, and zinc, from the kidneys, liver, and brain. The enzymes that require zinc stop working because the ‘leaded’ versions do not work.

The good news is that the reverse also holds true. Taking generous quantities of zinc and calcium helps to displace lead out of the body.

Radioactive iodine is all too plentiful in our atmosphere, as a result of nuclear testing, and nuclear power production. It accumulates in the thyroid gland, compromising and poisoning it. It is displaced by a generous intake of healthy iodine, from clean seaweed, such as Canadian seaweed (check your grocery or health store). I recommend avoiding asian seaweeds, or at least minimising your intake of them.

Zinc is possibly the most useful mineral to supplement for heavy metal detox. It helps displace cesium, lead, mercury, and excess copper. Copper, in small quantities is essential, so do not overdo Zinc supplements or copper deficiency may result. With high dosages, one could periodically supplement with small amounts of copper, to be safe. See the suggested mineral supplement dosages, listed later.

Magnesium and calcium are also very useful against many harmful metals; see dosage list.
Iron is surprisingly important. A lady I knew of got treated for mercury toxicity, as measured in hair analysis, and by her symptoms, and nothing seemed to be working. Until she took a good iron supplement. Like many young women, she was fairly iron deficient, causing her body to attract both iron, and mercury. Becoming replete with iron allowed the other treatments to work, and finally clear her of her high mercury levels, and toxicity symptoms.

Useful dosages of all minerals depends on a person’s, sex, age, bodyweight, diet, activity levels, symptoms, and medical/ health history, as well as possibly their occupation, and habits. Using the services of a good nutritionist or naturopath is the best choice in assessing the best amounts to start with. Here, I will give what I think are generally applicable amounts, for one to start to get a sense of useful dosages that do not take individual variables into account. Due to the wide variability in one’s needs, the variation in some mineral intakes is great.

Calcium 500- 1000mg
Magnesium 500- 800mg
Iron 0- 50mg
Manganese 5-50mg*************
Zinc 15-100mg
Copper 0-3mg
Sulfur 1-10 grams (as MSM)
Silica 5-30mg
Chromium 300-500mcg
Selenium 200mcg

Super supplements

Sufur is an essential mineral, which is a major player in liver and body detoxification of many substances, including heavy metals. We get sulfur from our diet from (mono) cystein, (di) cysteine, and methionine, as well as MSM. In supplement form, taking extra, in the form of MSM, methionine and cysteine (like N- acetyl cysteine, or NAC), speeds up the conjugation and excretion of heavy metals and other toxins. The best MSM I am aware of is Opti MSM, available from different labels.

Vitamin C in high doses (begin at 2000mg, and feel free to try more), is particularly useful in lowering lead levels, and is synergistic with NAC, mentioned above. I recommend any brand of powder, for economy and ease of use.

All blue green algaes are beneficial to health, and supportive to our detoxification. Chlorella is the most effective at speeding our elimination of heavy metals, due to the specific and unique properties of the cell wall of that species. Chlorella is perfectly safe, and may be taken at dosages ranging from 1- 15 grams per day comfortably. It is expensive, but is truly a superfood, owing to it’s effects on blood building, detox, immune function, and general health. I prefer the Sequel brand, quality- wise.

For my minerals, I mostly recommend Trophic, Natural Factors, and NuLife.

Super Foods

The earth’s waters are the sources of two of our best detoxifiers; blue green algae, and seaweeds. As mentioned above, use cleanly produced products, such as Canadian seaweeds, and blue-green algaes from brands like Sequel, Pure Planet, and Earth Rise.

Fibre in the diet is a definite detox aid; for heavy metals, and almost all other toxins. Consume it generously, especially from beans, lentils, fruits, and raw and cooked vegetables.

Garlic and onions are helpful in ridding lead, mercury, and the like from the body. A wholistic dentist spoke of the success he had in his practice of ridding his patients of their body mercury loads, with a prescription for food and supplement garlic.

Brassica family vegetables are particularly helpful; broccoli, kale, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts.

Not Super Foods

Big fish are a bad idea; especially large predators like shark, swordfish, and some tuna. Stick to sardines, herring, anchovies, and smaller mackerel. Avoiding filter feeders is also a good idea;

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3. Cunningham M. Chronic occupational lead exposure: the potential effect on sexual function and reproductive ability in male workers. AAOHN Journal. 1986 Jun; 34(6): 277


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