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I'll Always Love You

Unbroken promises
And shattered dreams
Run through my mind
Like a clear running stream

The sun sets today
In a pink misty haze
But my thoughts are on you
And your yesterday

Oh way does your image
Appear in my thoughts
With my dreams for today
I have more than enough

Do I still love you?
I ask of myself
Or will all of this love
Be left on the shelf

Or is it that your heart
Is still dreaming of me
And our thoughts are connecting
And can it still be

That you'll always love me
As I do love you
I know that we said this
Oh - Can it be true?


Life's Quest

In the sweeter essence of thought
I grasp mixed emotions and entwine
Together with a thundering rushes
That flow through my heart
Weaving gently with loving care
I now begin to enter realities' sphere
Eyes wide open entering directly onto my goal
Without fear or doubt
Encouraging love and strength throughout the world
Baring in mind the sure difficulties
In which I will encounter along my path
With hopeful loving thoughts
I am totally ensured of my lines of travel
I humbly pray for guidance through my life
To have the strength and courage
In which to carry out the dreams of this life
Oh - Lord
Please give me the strength and wisdom
To know what I am to do.


Misty Dream

In a misty dream
Is a lonely stranger
Reaching out to me
Then fading away

“Who are you?”
I hear myself cry
But you don’t hear
As the mist thickens

A light flashes
There you are again
Beconing me near
I reach for you

Again you vanish
I shed a tear
In frustrated thinking
I question if you

Talk to me stranger
Why do you come
Into my dreams
Like a flash, then your gone?

Is there a message
You need to tell
Do I need to listen
Please tell me how?

Again in the mist
The man re-appears
I love you, he’s yelling
Then the mist rises again.





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