Street Danger

“Another Beating-Rape Done on The Streets, to a Street Kid.”
“Warnings not being taken seriously!!!”
“Some Names are omitted to protect the victim!”
Angel Femia
Saturday a young girl was selling newspapers around Danforth and Pape. She was approached by one of the downtown well-known popcorn pimps and his girlfriend, who were working to fill their stalls. The popcorn pimp offered the young lady a can of pop. It was open but still full. It was a very hot day Saturday September 7, 2002, the young lady drank the pop very quickly.

The popcorn pimp invited the young lady for a drink at a local restaurant. His girlfriend accompanied him, it was broad daylight and the young lady did not consider the dangers, so she went with them.

Sitting at a table they were approached by two males who were friends of the popcorn pimp. After what seemed to be a very long time, the popcorn pimp and his friends decided to change locations of their party. Feeling high and with some coaxing by one of the popcorn pimp’s friends, to go with them, the young lady decided to go.

The young lady remembers walking out of the restaurant door, hearing some loud voices and getting into a car outside the restaurant. At this point everything went black. Several hours later the young lady found herself in a hospital bed with a social worker, asking questions.

She was out cold, bruised in many places, {legs, arms, thighs and face}, completely confused and in great pain when the police found her. A more devastating fact was that she was not found on the Danforth {where she had been drugged}. This young lady was found Wendy’s Hamburgers at Eastern and Leslie streets, {well over two miles away from where she was picked up}.

During the questioning, the young lady realized that she could not recall much of the experience. What she could recall, she told the social worker, but the entire situated was not complete. There was no recollection as to how she got to Wendy’s parking lot, where the bruises and cuts came from or the fact that some very personal pieces of her clothing had mysteriously vanished.

Blood and rape tests were done. The doctor found traces of a very dangerous drug in her system and that a sex act had taken place. This popcorn pimp had given this young lady the date rape drug. While under the influence of this certain drug, the person is able to function but have absolutely no memory from the time it takes effect until it wares off.

This type of thing happens every day on the streets and in many other places within our society. Most victims of these assaults never speak out thus allowing it to happen to others. There have been many warnings through the media and other social action groups but many are just not paying attention thus not protecting them-selves.

I feel that it is our responsibility to ourselves to listen to these warnings and take heed. Loosing hours of your life can be a very frightening experience unto itself but to find out that you have been sexually violated without any knowledge of the happening, and your memory is not there to rely upon, can be more devastating, and due to the trauma of such an experience, Post Dramatic Stress Disorder can begin to take hold of your entire life.

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