Tabatha Mayburry

Hi I'm Tabatha

I am Tabitha, an ex-street kid from Toronto, Canada.

I am now 22 years old no longer living on the streets.

About ten years ago my life changed drastacally.

After four years of being sexually abused by my step-dad’s brother in law.

I finally spoke up and told my parents. My step-dad lost his family because of my speaking about the subject and they told my mom that she had to make a choice whether it be her or me the choice is obvious My mom stated to me that he is the one she would be spending the rest of her life with him.

I was shown the door.

I was completely disgusted with myself and with my family at that time in my life I felt like I have done something wrong which later on I was taught that I didn't.

At the age of twelve I was to young to stay in a shelter, when I went to the shelter they insisted that I should go to Children’s Aid and even tried to set me up by telling me to go back that next day while they had the Children’s Aid worker sitting there with a police presence to bring me in to the system.

I met various people after that majority of them men. They gave me a place to stay taking advantage of me telling me that this was ok and that everyone on the streets did it especially when you have no where to stay. I moved from one place to the next believing that these were my friends.

I thought that if you needed anything you had to sleep with that person to get whether it be food shelter or drugs to get it.

By the time I was old enough for the shelters I couldn't last for more then a couple of days in one. I was young and got use to the way of doing whatever I wanted when I wanted so I never lasted.

During the next couple of years I was in and out of jail had a horrible drug habit and had no way of supporting it so I did what I thought came naturally at the time.

The summer before my 17 th birthday I found out that I was pregnant with my son I had a outstanding warrant and I turned myself in the judge actually only give me a probation order for a year he seen that I wanted to change my life I had never turned myself in before. I moved to St. Catharine’s Ontario.

We lived there for almost two years near the end of those two years I was jumped one night and was sexual assaulted and the two men tried throwing me over the bridge.

This incident re-open old wounds that I had never dealt with properly.

I ended up in the hospital I called my dad having no other choice or option I wasn't allowed to leave the hospital I asked them to take care of my son at first they said no I explained the circumstances and they finally agreed. It took a lot longer to get out of the hospital then I expected I had lost my place and had no where to go when I got out.

I called my parents and asked them if I could stay there they said no and told me that if I wanted my son to stay there I would have to sign temporary custody to them and if I didn't they would call Children’s Aid on me I had no other choice but to go a long with it.

When I got out of the hospital I had to go sign the temporary custody papers I was in no sate of mind to be doing so and I sign sole custody papers thinking that they were temporary custody papers and to sign these papers my dad as well as my step mom would have to sign thee papers for them to go through but my dads was at work and wasn't able to sign them but my step mom insisted that I should forge the papers so I did still not realizing that they were sole custody papers.

After this day I went back to St. Catherine’s grab my I D and left for Toronto again back to the streets I was on the streets for about five months.

One night while I was staying at the circle in Nathan Phillips Square I met a guy and he asked me if I needed somewhere to stay and I said yes I had a fractured neck at that point from being jumped two weeks previous.

I was off the streets again but still chilled down town for about a year and a half, me and this guy broke up and I met Angel and she has helping me deal with these issues that have never been dealt with properly. I've stayed off the streets since.






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