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Drownding In Denial!

You’re screaming at me
I’m speechless and scared
Heart pounding, mind racing
Why can’t you just talk?
What’s made you so angry?
You’re hurting my ears
And freezing my soul
All I have told you
Was an old memory
Of something that hurt me
In my past, what’s the score?
Why does that upset you?
It’s a memory, history, and a part of my past
Now all you can say to me is response
“SHUT UP! don’t upset my illusion”
Don’t break my bubble of lies
Don’t talk about yesterday
Then I think to myself
Why are you lying, distorting the facts?
Why are you hiding, covering your tracks?
The pain you’re exuding
Was not put there today
I was here, no one hurt you
So why is this display?
Why are you hurt?
And why are you hanging on to
Horrid pains in your heart?
Your memories are bleeding
But you just push it back
Your eyes filled with fear
So what are you saying
Your now burning with rage?
Ultimatums flying in furry
Harshly out of your mouth
“If you don’t shut up
I will walk out of your life!”
That’s a great deal of fear
Anger and rage
You are asking me to accept
Too many stories, lies, illusions
They will break my brain
To face the truth hurts
Yes this is so true
But the rewards are so endless
I stick with it, and not you
You don’t have to threaten
You don’t have to walk
Cause your already gone
Drowning in your denial.



Thank You

Thank you for the love
You've given me today
I feel so worm and cared for
No fear is in my way

Thank You for the messaage
Of how you hold me dear
And thrugh my thoughts, I send to you
A message just as clear
I Love You!


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