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The Thought
I hold a thought
Then let it go
In seconds time
It's back
Never leaving
Never gone
My image of you
I wonder why it's here
Or if you even know
I'm thinking of you
Welcome to this love
To think of you this way
Once again, I'm insecure
I stop
Then from no where
I turn my mind
And send you a thought
But no sooner then
My love, it's here again
The thought is you and I.
My Beloved
My beloved
So far and so near
Your soul reaches out
And embraces me here
When thoughts of you,
Come to my mind
My entire being wishes
To be right by your side
My energies reach
To embrace through the air
With tender love
To hold and caress you
With the deepest desires
Of our love
I feel your respponce
So worm, So passionate, So clear
As my body responds
My heart is in flames
We dance for this time
And the yearnings do grow
Till we truly touch in love
And we unite.
The Gift
Please take this love I give you
From tlhe truest part of my soul
Ang give it to the world to see
So it will not grow cold

So many souls lost and hurt
Could use some kindness there
Along the road you travell
Love's needed every where

So please accept this gift I give
Storng, safe and worm
To share with all the souls you reach
Then they will pass it on.



Thank You

Thank you for the love
You've given me today
I feel so worm and cared for
No fear is in my way

Thank You for the messaage
Of how you hold me dear
And thrugh my thoughts, I send to you
A message just as clear
I Love You!


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