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New Seeds Of Love
I need to breath
So please clear my space
Watching you hate
Is an ugly face

I want to feel
The joys of life
So turn away
And live you lies

I’m going to ride
High on the waves
And deal with the sadness
That comes my way

Not live illusions
Or play your games
Of closed mind, closed heat
It’s life I claim

So you go that way
And I’ll go this
I’m sure you’ll cry
Over what you missed

But I will find
All I truly need
And build my soul
To grow new seeds
Of Love!



Thank You

Thank you for the love
You've given me today
I feel so worm and cared for
No fear is in my way

Thank You for the messaage
Of how you hold me dear
And thrugh my thoughts, I send to you
A message just as clear
I Love You!


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