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"Mother Nature Is Storming!"
The sky is crying teardrops
Drops fall from the blue
For all the saddened children
Whose lives are so untrue

The sun is hiding behind a cloud
Scared to show his face
Pushes out the raindrops
Children"s pain is a disgrace

Mother nature is storming,
Furry fills the air
Thunder, lightening, fierce winds
We all look land stare

The human race is slowly dying
Killing itself, the pain
Humanity is now such rareness
It seems we are all insane

Wake up people, open your eyes
Look, listen and see
The sadness we have caused
Must stop if human life is to be



Thank You

Thank you for the love
You've given me today
I feel so worm and cared for
No fear is in my way

Thank You for the messaage
Of how you hold me dear
And thrugh my thoughts, I send to you
A message just as clear
I Love You!


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