Alternative Treatments for ADD/ADHD

Alternative Treatments
Attention Deficite Disorder
Attention Deficite Hyper Disorder

Treatment for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder as Opposed To Meds:

I have had many responses from the essay published last week regarding ADD {attention deficit disorder}, ADHD {attention deficit hyper disorder} and the use of prescribed suppressants, especially Ritalin on children. It seems to be a trend to give kids drugs as opposed to working to care for them and their problems properly. The last generation is to this day suffering for this very mistake of being drugged and drugging ourselves for many years.

As I had mentioned in my last essay, I have ADHD, my kids have it and most of our family has lived with this problem for as far back as I could search. When I was twelve they began to medicate me due to this hyper ness and uncontrollability. I was lost in a fog of chemicals until I was twenty-six and began to look for better answers.

A friend of mine had a child that was in the same mess as myself and one thing I was interested in is that my friend did not medicate her daughter. Instead she treated her child with more love and affection, proper diet, vitamins, exercise, meditation and Spiritual discipline and guidance. This child's entire attitude changed in just a few weeks so I tried to follow my friend's instructions to her daughter.

When I realized how great these simple changes to my life made I did the same to my sons and found similar results. To this day none of us take prescribed drugs. This is not a cure, just a natural way to deal with a life long problem.


Any child or adult with ADD or ADHD needs more attention and affection then a normal person. All people need mounds of love and affection but people with learning disorder need more. They seem to lack self-esteem and confidence, therefore tough love is suggested with lots of affection.


Take as much food coloring, preservatives, sweeteners, sugars, from the person's diet.

Chemicals found in our foods today are very harmful for a strong, healthy mind. To a child or adult with ADD or ADHD these chemicals and food colorings heighten the illness and the reactions are what causes many of the behavioral problems. As well these chemicals change the person's thought patterns. The person's thinking becomes very negative.

Due to the facts that our bodies fight chemicals that we ingest, when we eat these chemicals our thinking becomes altered. This alteration happens because our nature is fighting the chemicals we have put into our natural bodies. While our body is at war with these chemicals our thinking becomes very negative without us truly noticing it unless we watch ourselves very closely.


Try It:

One day eat food with chemicals and watch your thinking patterns. The next day eat food without chemicals and watch. See if you can see the difference. Due to our eating chemicals for such a long time within our lives you may have to do two or three days with and two or three days without to really see the difference.


Vitamins are something that we all need in our world today. Much of the food we eat just does not have the nutrients or vitamins our bodies need. Natural vitamins are needed to keep our bodies balanced in many areas. Without the proper feeding of needs our body balance is thrown off kilter and our mind tries to take up the slack throwing us into hyper activity which could be tamed with proper feeding of vitamins and nutrients.


Making sure our bodies do not hold stress or tension helps a great deal. As well exercise helps us to use up the extra energies created by the Hyper Disorder. Working-out daily also help our learning capacities and helps us to learn focus and concentration. There is no exercise system that works better then another as long as it is taught with proper instructions and universal teaching that come with the exercise.

Most exercise systems have a philosophy or belief that comes with it. These teaching help exercise our minds and souls. They are very important.

Exercise Classes that help:

Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga, Ti Chi, exacta.
Swimming, walking and jogging in conjunction with one of the daily classes is also great.


Meditation is very personal so whatever form you wish as long as it clears the mind, body and soul is great. Meditation with relaxation and breathing exercises are the most effective to calm down the body and give it balance.


A person's guidance and discipline that I am referring to whatever your belief is in your life. We all go to different spiritual or faith leaders and dogma is different within each belief system so the one you have or find one you like to work with.

The discipline is to attain self-control of our emotions and lives. We are here to live not control all around us. If we learn to control ourselves we will have all the control we truly need.

These are life changes but dealing with Emotional illnesses naturally as opposed to using meds will make the difference we all need in our lives.

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