Sammy's Story

Samantha's Letter
To Priminister Minister Steven Harper
I have known Samantha Brown almost all her life and will attest that what she has written is true. This same sinerio is true for many children in North America.

When the authorities ask why we have violence, guns, stabbings and savage beatings on our streets, why there is so much drug abuse, why there are so many robberies with deadly violence, why our family units are shattered, and why we have so many homeless kids and adults we need go no further then to say Abuse in all its ugly forms.

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Below is Samantha's story. It speaks for itself.


To The Priminister Of Canada

Greetings Mr. Harper;

This is about Abuse.

Let me introduce myself, I am Samantha Brown and I am 17 years of age.

I am writing this in regards of the things I have noticed in our streets and homes. I wish to bring attention to what has to be done in order for our world to work.

I have been abused and I am working on undoing the damage that has been done. I do not wish to see another child wounded by friends, family and our society. The human race is currently dying slowly. We seem to believe we are not animalistic but all I see is us abusing one another for sometimes no good reason at all. Just because we are spiteful and hate ourselves.

I am not going sit back on this issue, Prime Minister, I flat out refuse. I am working with LoveCry. These people are also pushing the issue of Abuse and I am tagging along for the ride.

Today, I felt like I have done nothing to actually get the word out. Now, here I am writing a heart-felt email to our Prime Minister. Please just hear me out.

I am young and I realize our world is hateful! It is sickening. I want to cry when I sit and think about how hateful and malicious I have been to everyone in the past and how much I am willing to change.

You have children, how would you like it if your children were forced to live in a home while people do horrid drugs in the living room?

How would you feel if you could change that?

Even help a little by taking those drug addicts away?

I am not saying to change one life, help change them all! Help us,children.

Help us at LoveCry. Mister Harper, I can not help if this doesn't strike you as a plea for money. It is not. It is a plea for help.

Today, I will walk by drug addicts with children and homeless that just need a little help. In my short years I have learned that a little kindness goes so far.

I remember standing in front of my little sister screaming for her to go upstairs so I could take the beating for her. I remember listening to my parents drunken fights while I tried to sleep.

I remember how I felt.

I remember that I have to help the children now and I will with your help or not.

But, even just hearing me out and understanding that our world must change.

Please, get in contact with LoveCry.

Please help us save children from a life of pain.
Please help us save children from a life of pain.

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